How To Calculate The Number Of Vacation Days

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How To Calculate The Number Of Vacation Days
How To Calculate The Number Of Vacation Days

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If you've been with an organization for a long time and haven't been on vacation in the past few years, it's helpful to know the number of days you've accumulated over the years. By law, you have the right to receive vacation compensation if the number of days exceeds 28, as well as upon dismissal. Or, on the contrary, you recently got a job, but have already planned a vacation.

How to calculate the number of vacation days
How to calculate the number of vacation days

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In accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, every working person is entitled to a minimum of 28 vacation days for each year worked. Some categories of employees are entitled to extended leave. These categories include minors, workers in heavy production, teaching staff, etc.

Step 2

The calculation period for determining the number of vacation days is the last year of work, if you work for less than a year, then the period of time during which you are listed in the organization. For each month worked, you get 2.33 vacation days (divide the 28 days of vacation by 12 months).

Step 3

To calculate the number of vacation days, you need to count the number of months during which you worked in the organization and multiply them by 2, 33. If you have worked for this employer for 11 months, you are entitled to a full vacation of 28 days.

Step 4

If you took unpaid leave for more than 14 days during your work period, this time is deducted from your actual work time.

Step 5

If you have worked an uneven number of days in a month, then round the part less than 15 days down, part more than 15 days to a full month. For example, you worked 2 months and 12 days, then you get 4.66 days of vacation. And if you have worked 2 months and 16 days, then already 6, 99 (7) days of vacation. The accountant of your organization will decide on his own to round off or not the resulting value, since the legislation does not oblige him to do this.

Step 6

To receive compensation upon dismissal for all days of unused vacation, you need to multiply their number by the average daily earnings. Average daily earnings are calculated based on all payments received during work, including bonuses and allowances, but it does not include payments that are not subject to income tax.

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