How To Join The Labor Exchange In Ukraine

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How To Join The Labor Exchange In Ukraine
How To Join The Labor Exchange In Ukraine

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Dismissal is one of the most unpleasant events in a person's life, but don't be upset. Perhaps this is a chance to move to a more prestigious place. But immediately after losing your job, you need to register at the labor exchange. This will give you the opportunity to find a new place and still receive a monthly allowance. You need to contact the exchange as early as possible so that the experience is not interrupted.

How to join the labor exchange in Ukraine
How to join the labor exchange in Ukraine


Step 1

Contact the labor exchange - then you will receive cash payments from the state for 6 months. During this time, you will find a new job and be deregistered. If you register at the Ukrainian Interregional Labor Exchange, you will get the opportunity to study in additional courses that allow you to get another profession. UMBT is located in Kiev at st. Khreshchatyk, 44-A.

Step 2

To get registered, register, come to the labor exchange with the following documents on hand: passport, document on education or professional qualifications, work book (duplicate is suitable), certificate of average salary (otherwise - monetary allowance) from the last place of work (a sample is issued at the employment service itself) for the last three months or a document replacing it (if you lost your job and after that more than a year has passed before you applied to the employment service) and a pension insurance certificate. Provide them to the operator. Registration takes place immediately after checking that you have the necessary papers, in some cases it is also required to fill out additional forms.

Step 3

Insist on registration if additional documents are required from you. Registration with the above package of documents is mandatory. You can bring the rest of the papers later. Examples of optional documents: fluorography, a copy of a savings book, bank details for transferring benefits, an original employment contract from a previous job, etc.

Step 4

Do not forget that after registration you have 6 months to find a new job. After this, the person is removed from the register. But re-registration at the labor exchange is possible in one month for another six months.

Step 5

Wait for vacancies from employers a few days after registration. This is an opportunity to get a desired position. If you accept the offer, if the job is suitable (this term is described in detail in the law), then you are removed from the register at the labor exchange.

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