How To Reflect Bonuses In Accounting

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How To Reflect Bonuses In Accounting
How To Reflect Bonuses In Accounting

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Bonuses are one of the means of material incentives for employees of the organization. These include the so-called "thirteenth salary", paid based on the results of work for the year. You can reflect the payment of bonuses in the accounting by observing the following rules.

How to reflect bonuses in accounting
How to reflect bonuses in accounting


Step 1

Record in the local regulations of your organization the procedure for paying bonuses based on performance and other types of incentives. This can be done in the Regulations on Bonuses, Employment Contracts of Employees, Collective Agreement. In the documents, it is necessary to determine the indicators of bonus payments. In other words, each employee should know for what merits the bonus is paid.

Step 2

Draw up an order for the payment of a bonus to employees of the organization based on the results of work for the period. To do this, ask the heads of departments to prepare service notes with lists of their employees who have fulfilled all the conditions for receiving remuneration (for example, fulfillment of the sales plan, absence of absenteeism, remarks, reprimands). It is necessary to indicate in the order that the bonus is paid for the achieved production results. It is necessary to familiarize all employees listed in the list for remuneration with the document signed by the manager.

Step 3

Reflect in the accounting the payment of the bonus to employees by making the entries: The debit of account 20 "Main production" (23 "Auxiliary production", 25 "General production costs", 26 "General business expenses"), Credit 70 "Payments with personnel for wages" - taken into account bonus payment as part of salary.

Step 4

In tax accounting, include the amount of bonus paid based on the results of work in the composition of labor costs that reduce the taxable base for income tax only if the bonus is provided for by an employment contract and paid for performance achievements (paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 of Article 255, as well as Clause 21 of Article 270 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation). If the payment of such a bonus is not provided for by the Regulations on Remuneration and Bonuses, a collective or labor agreement, but accrued by order of the manager, then you will not be able to include the payment of the bonus as part of the organization's expenses. In this case, the accrued bonuses are paid to employees at the expense of net profit.

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