How To Create A Social Project

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How To Create A Social Project
How To Create A Social Project

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A social project is creative measures to influence the present reality in order to achieve its desired state in the future. There are many definitions of projects, and many ways to write them. However, the main and determining factor in this work is precisely the action taken by a group of like-minded people. And if you decide to participate in the life of society, to achieve some changes, results, you need to act according to the plan.

How to create a social project
How to create a social project


Step 1

Study public opinion in a given social group where a social project is supposed to be carried out. Make an objective picture of the situation, systematize the research results, draw conclusions.

Step 2

Determine the causes of the problem, based on them clearly outline the problem, make specific proposals for changing the situation.

Explore the capabilities of the team that will carry out the implementation of this project.

Define goals and objectives, consider the target audience to which it will be directed, and with whom there will be close interaction during its implementation. Clearly formulate the goals of the program, based on them, set specific tasks for the participants.

Step 3

Draw up a work plan in writing, define a list of the main activities for the implementation of the project, set a schedule for their implementation, designate those responsible for their implementation, indicate the sources of obtaining the necessary resources.

Step 4

Make a written work schedule of activities, which will specifically indicate the time period, the content of the work and the notes on completion.

Step 5

Think over and describe the content of the responsibilities of each member of the team that will be involved in this social project. Make a list of your group in writing, indicating the responsibilities of each.

Step 6

Budget your social program. Make a list of estimated costs, identify the resources needed and the sources of their receipt. Calculate the deficit (lack) or surplus (excess) of your project's funds.

Step 7

Conduct outreach and training workshops among project members, explain their responsibilities, develop a rating system and a list of indicators for the successful implementation of the program.

Step 8

Communicate to the public and administrative authorities the essence of the proposed project, its goals and benefits, in order to create a favorable environment for its implementation.

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