How To Attract To A Salary Project

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How To Attract To A Salary Project
How To Attract To A Salary Project

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The salary project is a convenient scheme of settlements with company employees, developed by the Banking System. The purpose of this project is to service the payments of the organization with its employees.

How to attract to a salary project
How to attract to a salary project

It is necessary

  • - offer;
  • - a list of bank clients.


Step 1

To attract more clients to a salary project, determine the target audience of your bank. You must understand for yourself who your client is. What requirements should your potential clients meet, what type of these organizations. Even if absolutely all companies can use your services, in any case you should draw a picture of the end user for yourself.

Step 2

Highlight the main advantages of your company's salary project. This must be done in order to make the service much easier to sell. You shouldn't have the abstract idea that it's just convenient. Write a list of all the advantages for sales managers, for consultants who communicate with clients, make a commercial proposal.

Step 3

Attach any other service that may interest the client to the use of the salary project, on free terms. For example, maybe it will be a payroll scheme using credit.

Step 4

Any product, in addition to its pluses, has its minuses. Along with the advantages, describe all the disadvantages of your scheme. First, this detailed picture will help you improve your project over time. Secondly, knowing the shortcomings of your bank's salary scheme, you will be able to prepare arguments for clients who may express dissatisfaction or complaints as the reason for their refusal.

Step 5

Go through the list of existing clients of your bank and start by proposing a salary project to them. But don't miss out on new customer opportunities. If you are just starting this project, then let the bank executives carry out the initial negotiations with the companies.

Step 6

Use various social marketing technologies to promote your service.

Step 7

Improve your salary project schemes based on the experience you gain. To do this, conduct surveys with existing customers.

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