How To Write A Job Description For An Engineer

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How To Write A Job Description For An Engineer
How To Write A Job Description For An Engineer

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Job description is the main document regulating the performance of an employee's job duties. The employee must familiarize himself with this document even before an employment contract is concluded with him. Failure to comply with the requirements of the instructions and failure to fulfill those duties and functions that are listed in it can lead to the dismissal of an employee for non-compliance with the position.

How to write a job description for an engineer
How to write a job description for an engineer


Step 1

It is very important to correctly draw up instructions for an engineer, since such a position implies a lot of responsibility. In the general provisions, which are indicated at the very beginning, write about how and on the basis of which document the recruitment for the position of engineer is carried out. Specify education and work experience requirements. List the legislative and regulatory acts, including local ones, which need to be guided in the work, as well as those instructional materials that the engineer must know.

Step 2

In the Functions Performed section, list what the engineer will do in the workplace. In addition to developing documentation, drawing up and preparing projects, plans and reports, its functions must include the study and implementation of advanced experience and technologies, methods of organizing production and methods of motivating and stimulating labor.

Step 3

The main section is "Job responsibilities". It should list in great detail all forms of reporting, forms of contracts and regulations, in the preparation and control over the implementation of which the employee will participate. In this section, specify the general duties of the engineer as a separate item: compliance with the established internal regulations, conscientious performance of their work duties, compliance with safety and labor protection rules, etc.

Step 4

Describe the granted rights in the appropriate section. Describe the procedure for interacting with other departments and management, if this is included in his job duties and the rights that are granted to the engineer.

Step 5

In a separate item "Responsibility" include a list of what the engineer is responsible for in performing his functions: compliance with the deadlines for completing tasks, approving documents, compliance with safety rules, job descriptions, regulations and orders. Do not forget to reflect his responsibility for the damage that he can cause to the enterprise as a result of his unskilled actions. He should also be responsible for compliance with the applicable laws.

Step 6

The job description should be approved by the head of the enterprise. The head of the legal department and the personnel department must put their approving signatures on it.

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