How To Write A Description To A Director

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How To Write A Description To A Director
How To Write A Description To A Director

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Currently, when applying for another job, it is required to present a characteristic from the previous place of work. It seems that it is more difficult for a director to write a characteristic than for an ordinary employee, since he will have to write a characteristic for himself, which is difficult. But in fact, the writing requirements are the same as for any other employee, there are only small subtleties.

How to write a description to a director
How to write a description to a director

It is necessary

computer, A4 paper, printer, pen, director's work book


Step 1

Enter the full name of the organization where this employee works.

Step 2

Write the address of the company (postal code, region, city, street, house).

Step 3

Indicate the details of the company (TIN, KPP, PSRN), bank details (current account, bank name, bank branch, correspondent account).

Step 4

Enter the date the characteristics were written.

Step 5

After the word "Characteristic" write in full the last name, first name and patronymic of the employee.

Step 6

After the words "works in" write the name of the company.

Step 7

After the words “in position”, write the position of the employee. In our case, “in the position of a director,” but there are commercial, financial, etc. directors. Enter the position of the employee in accordance with the entry in the work book.

Step 8

Indicate the date of the employee's admission to work in this organization in accordance with the work book. If the employee was transferred to another position, indicate the date of the transfer, as recorded in the work book.

Step 9

Write how this employee has proven himself in the organization during the period of work.

Step 10

Indicate to what extent the employee of the organization proved to be a competent leader.

Step 11

Write what the employee's qualifications are, whether the employee has taken courses to improve it.

Step 12

Indicate how attentive the employee as a leader is to the needs of subordinates.

Step 13

Write how responsible and purposeful this employee is.

Step 14

Indicate in the characteristic how proactive the employee is, in what the initiative is manifested.

Step 15

Write down how effective the employee is in this organization.

Step 16

Indicate what are the achievements of the employee, his organizational skills.

Step 17

Write down how high the authority of the leader among the subordinates is.

Step 18

Indicate how disciplined the employee is, whether he has disciplinary actions.

Step 19

Fill in the words "The characteristic is given to provide at the place of demand.

Step 20

Sign the director and the head of the department with the decryption of the signature.

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