How To Write A Competent Letter

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How To Write A Competent Letter
How To Write A Competent Letter

Video: How To Write A Competent Letter

Video: How To Write A Competent Letter
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In many ways, the fate of the planned case, request, statement, further cooperation depends on the first business letter that you send to your potential partner or investor. This is a kind of calling card by which you can judge how seriously you should react to your appeal. It testifies to your business qualities, competence, ability to coherently and briefly present the essence. The content of the letter may vary, but the key points of the design of all business letters are the same.

How to write a competent letter
How to write a competent letter


Step 1

A business letter is written on a standard A4 sheet of paper with your organization's corner stamp or letterhead. The stamp or letterhead should include your business name, mailing address, telephone, fax, and email or website address. This enables the recipient of your letter to quickly contact your organization without any problems.

Step 2

Outline design of the text of the letter - margins and indents are made in accordance with GOST R 6.30-2003, on the left - 3 cm, on the right - 5, 5 cm. Usually the font Times New Roman 12 size is used. If the letter will be on several pages, they must be numbered. Above is the outgoing registration number of the letter and the date of its writing.

Step 3

In the header of the letter, the position, surname, name and patronymic of the recipient, the address of the organization where the letter is sent are written. The subject of the letter is indicated on the right. The letter should start with the address "Dear (s)", "Mister" or "Mistress", followed by the name and patronymic of the recipient.

Step 4

The first paragraph of the main text is an announcement or an introduction, it usually begins with the phrases "Currently …", "Please …", "We are glad to inform you …", etc. The address to the addressee is always written with a capital letter. In the introduction, summarize the essence of the letter and move on to the main part.

Step 5

Break the text into small paragraphs that are logically related to each other. Do not give unnecessary details, state the very essence. Ideally, the volume of a business letter should not exceed one page, try to keep within it.

Step 6

Start the final paragraph with the words: "Based on the above …", "Considering the above …" and after them state your proposal, request, conclusions.

Step 7

If there are attachments to the business letter, include them in a numbered list, mentioning their name and the number of sheets in each document.

Step 8

Complete the letter with the title of the position, signature and its transcript. If your subordinate wrote the letter, then at the bottom of the page the surname, initials and phone number of the performer should be indicated.