How To Refuse A Candidate

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How To Refuse A Candidate
How To Refuse A Candidate

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If a candidate did not pass the interview, this does not mean that he is a bad specialist. It's just that your company needs an employee with different knowledge and skills. The ability to politely turn down the wrong job seeker is a must for every HR manager.

How to refuse a candidate
How to refuse a candidate


Step 1

If already during the interview it became clear that the applicant is not suitable for the vacancy, let him know about it. Do not say "we will call you" or "the decision will be made later." Be clear that the person is not suitable for this position. Explain that he does not have the required knowledge, such as computer programs or manufacturing techniques. Advise him to try his hand at a related specialty.

Step 2

If your company is looking for employees through recruiting agencies, describe the person you see in a vacant position as best as possible. Tell the manager about the level of education, work experience, knowledge of foreign languages, and the presence of a driver's license. Thus, it will be possible to avoid interviews with absolutely unsuitable candidates for the vacancy. And, accordingly, you will not have to refuse those who did not pass the interview.

Step 3

In a situation where several candidates fit all parameters, you need to re-interview. Arrange a joint interview with all applicants. Ask to complete tasks in the specialty. Whoever copes better and faster will get the position. After the meeting, explain to the others that they are not suitable for you, because the other candidate was more successful. Don't be afraid of negative reactions. Your company has the right to provide a vacant position to the top-notch employee.

Step 4

Sometimes you have to interview a large number of applicants - fifty or more people at the same time. This usually happens at auditions or when hiring sellers in a hypermarket chain. In this case, after talking with all applicants, ask those who are suitable to stay. Just list the names of those who passed the test. Express your gratitude to everyone else for the time spent and wish you success in your further searches.

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