Is It Possible To Smoke In The Yard

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Is It Possible To Smoke In The Yard
Is It Possible To Smoke In The Yard
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According to official statistics, the anti-tobacco law has led to qualitative results - smoking in Russia has become less. However, legislative innovations have also brought a lot of confusion. Can i smoke outside? Indeed, on the one hand, this is a common area, and on the other, an open space where smoking is allowed. It is not so easy to understand the logic of the law.

Anti-tobacco law - myths and reality
Anti-tobacco law - myths and reality

Courtyard to courtyard strife

The anti-tobacco law is very strict on the residents of apartment buildings. Thus, smoking is prohibited in elevators, porches and stairwells.

The courtyard area itself is not subject to bans, therefore, from the point of view of the law, you can smoke here.

However, if a sports or playground is located in the courtyard, smoking is strictly prohibited along their perimeter. The territories of social institutions - schools, kindergartens, hospitals and clinics - are also banned from smoking.

A specially designated place

Another misconception was made by prohibiting signs. Smokers have the misleading impression that where such a sign does not hang, smoking is allowed. In fact, this is not the case.

Prohibition signs in the form of a crossed-out cigarette mark places where smoking is prohibited. Mostly these are social facilities and institutions - educational institutions, administrative buildings, etc. The courtyard area should not be equipped with such signs. However, this does not mean that smoking is allowed in all places where there is no such sign. For example, in the middle of a sports field.

Another common excuse used by those who like to smoke at the entrance is the absence of specially designated smoking areas. In other words, smoking rooms, according to some, should be organized in any building, including in a residential building. The law does provide for the need to allocate separate smoking rooms, but they can be made on the territory of a residential building only with the permission of all residents. The general meeting of residents of the house must clearly understand that the requirements for the equipment of smoking rooms are high - these are both ventilation systems and fire safety measures. Therefore, for the dubious happiness of smoking in a residential building, you will not only have to fight, but also pay extra.

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