How To Join A Design Union

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How To Join A Design Union
How To Join A Design Union

Video: How To Join A Design Union

Video: How To Join A Design Union
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Many professionally established designers strive to join the union of designers in order to recognize their merits and confirm their professional competence. How to do it? First of all, you need to understand that this is a certain procedure that requires the collection of the necessary documentation and compliance with a fairly strict regulation.

How to join a design union
How to join a design union


Step 1

In the admission committee of the union, you can usually specify in advance the timing of the consideration of the application, those sections of the union of designers that interest you, and clarify what documents need to be completed.

Step 2

The Union of Designers has developed an application form that must be filled out by the candidate. A photo and a receipt confirming the payment of the entrance fee are attached to the application. A prerequisite for participation in the competition for membership in the Union of Designers is a copy of the document on the availability of art education.

Step 3

Each candidate fills out an autobiography.

Step 4

In addition, the candidate must obtain a written recommendation from two members of the union. At the same time, it is important that the recommenders have worked in the design for at least 5 years.

Step 5

If the designer has certificates, diplomas, diplomas of participants in professional exhibitions, then they must also be provided.

Step 6

And, of course, a prepared portfolio. It is better to provide the portfolio on a CD disk, which remains in the archive, and the portfolio itself is returned to the candidate.

Step 7

If you work in the field of graphic design, then additionally it is necessary to provide production prints.

Step 8

Further, all the materials prepared by you are submitted to the secretariat and will be considered at a meeting of the Council. The decision on admitting a designer to the union is made by a vote of the Council's commission.

Step 9

In case of a positive decision, it will also be necessary to pay an annual fee for membership in the Union, which gives professional designers a number of advantages. This includes communication with colleagues in creative sections, at advanced training courses, and the possibility of renting a workshop, support of legal commissions in matters of copyright protection.

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