What Are Hidden Works

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What Are Hidden Works
What Are Hidden Works

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Hidden works in construction are those that cannot be checked at the time of putting the building into operation. This includes earthworks and the installation of load-bearing structures, both wood and metal. Not only the reliability of the structure, but also the comfort of living in the house directly depends on the quality of the hidden work.

What are hidden works
What are hidden works

What are the hidden works

Hidden work is performed during the installation of various structures. For example, embedding of columns, beams, purlins, and other steel structures. This includes all measures for treating the metal foundations of the building with an anti-corrosion compound. The construction of the steel structures of the furnaces until they are closed with brickwork is also considered a hidden work.

The hidden work in the production and installation of structures made of wood includes their processing with compounds that protect against the appearance of fungus and decay. In addition, treatment with fire-fighting compounds and compounds that prevent pests from undermining can take place. Fastening and fixing door and window blocks are also considered hidden works.

It is customary to refer to the hidden plumbing measures the installation of devices with the help of which underground engineering networks are entered into the building. As well as laying both underground pipelines and external ones that can be closed in tunnels, under water and closed by structures.

Installation of garbage chambers and other pipelines, pneumatic and hydraulic tests of hidden pipelines and ventilation installations before the application of insulation also refers to hidden types of work.

Survey and survey of hidden works

Any of these works can be accepted only after an examination with the drawing up of a mandatory act and examination. The act can be drawn up only after the process of installing structures or communications is fully completed. In the event of a long break between work stages, the compliance of the work performed with the standards should occur immediately before the start of a new stage.

If one stage of work has not yet passed the survey, the second stage of work cannot be carried out. There are a number of designs that are accepted at an intermediate stage. If the objects under construction have a complex or unique design, the hidden works are checked taking into account specially developed technical conditions in the presence of a working project. Any work on the survey of hidden work and the drawing up of acts has the right to be performed only by the construction and installation organization that performed these work.

When a certain type of work at the facility is completed, an act for hidden work is signed in triplicate. One of them is transferred to the customer, others to the general contractor and subcontractor.

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