How To Fill Out An Act For Hidden Work

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How To Fill Out An Act For Hidden Work
How To Fill Out An Act For Hidden Work

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The certificate of inspection of hidden works is drawn up at the stage of construction (repair), when it has already been partially completed, and after that it will not be possible to evaluate them. Such works include waterproofing, replacement of internal wiring, cement screed, and drainage. The signing of the act allows for further work.

How to fill out an act for hidden work
How to fill out an act for hidden work


Step 1

Assign a number to the act, indicate during the construction or repair of which particular object the work was performed. Write down the exact address and name. Date the document.

Step 2

List all persons involved in the survey of the hidden work performed. Indicate their last names, initials, organization name and position held. After listing all responsible persons, write that they have inspected the work performed by the contractor. Indicate the name of the contractor (performer).

Step 3

List the works submitted for examination by the commission. Write as clear and detailed as possible. Note the numbers of drawings and documents on which the work was performed, the date of their preparation or identification parameters. In the same place, indicate the name of the organization involved in the project documentation.

Step 4

Indicate the names of all materials that were used during the work. Write down the brand, the exact name. Also list the equipment used during construction or renovation.

Step 5

If, during construction or repair work, deviations from the design documentation were made, reflect this in the act. Write down who exactly approved the changes, refer to the drawing numbers and the date of approval.

Step 6

Enter the start and end dates for hidden work on the construction site on separate lines.

Step 7

At the end of the act, conclude that all work was performed in accordance with the design and estimate documentation and comply with the requirements of the current regulatory documents.

Step 8

Print the act in four copies - for the contractor, for the ordering party, for the design and management organizations. Collect signatures from individuals involved in the hidden work survey.

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