How To Get Moldovan Citizenship

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How To Get Moldovan Citizenship
How To Get Moldovan Citizenship

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In accordance with international standards, everyone has the right to citizenship. Usually, the right to grant citizenship in states is vested in the highest authorities, Moldova is no exception.

How to get Moldovan citizenship
How to get Moldovan citizenship


Step 1

Read the Law of the Republic of Moldova "On Citizenship". Write a statement and register it (take a sample from the passport office or download it from the Internet). Prepare the following documents that may be required to confirm the information you specified in the application: photocopies of identity cards, photocopy of birth certificate of a minor child, photocopy of adoption certificate, marriage certificate. All of the above documents must be certified by a notary in the manner prescribed by law.

Step 2

Write an autobiography, take a certificate of the composition of your family, take 4 standard photographs (3, 5x4, 5 cm) and a photocopy of receipts for payment of all state fees. If you are changing citizenship, provide a certificate of no criminal record and renunciation of your previous citizenship. If you study or work, take the appropriate certificate from your educational institution or place of work, if you are temporarily not working, you must provide official information about the sources of your existence and their legality.

Step 3

Assure your child's consent to change citizenship in accordance with the procedure established by law if he is 14 years old. If one of the parents and a minor child changes citizenship, the other parent must give his consent to the child's change of citizenship and assure him in the prescribed manner.

Step 4

Pass an exam on the knowledge of the basic provisions of the Constitution of the country and the state language. Provide this certificate along with all the above documents to the passport office and await a decision on your issue. If you have not been denied citizenship, you can apply to the passport office with an application for a citizen's passport.

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