How To Deal With Ransomware

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How To Deal With Ransomware
How To Deal With Ransomware

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Under Russian law, the extortionist bears criminal responsibility for his actions. The types of punishments are different depending on the degree of intent. But the victim does not always manage to prove the very fact of extortion, and the perpetrator remains unpunished. Therefore, you need to be vigilant about how to deal with the extortionist.

How to deal with ransomware
How to deal with ransomware


Step 1

Keep your personal information "under lock and key", do not tell secrets to unfamiliar people. Be especially careful when leaving information about yourself and your loved ones on social networks and the Internet in general. This will reduce the possibility of extortion.

Step 2

First of all, remember that it is dangerous and highly discouraged to enter into negotiations with the ransomware. If you are forced to do this, record the entire conversation on a dictaphone, or shoot with a hidden video camera, so that later there will be enough material for evidence in court.

Step 3

Try to find out what exactly is known to the ransomware, perhaps you are worried for nothing, and the criminal does not own the information at all, or its disclosure will not lead to bad consequences. Try to show the offender that you don't care.

Step 4

Use his own weapon in the fight against the extortionist. If you find out what information the racketeer has, make it public by making the situation look favorable to you.

Step 5

Do not follow the lead of the offender. Remember, having fulfilled his requirements at least once, you will probably only provide yourself with new threats and troubles. The correct way out of this situation is to contact the police.

Step 6

Try to contact the police when you already have at least some evidence on hand. For example, recording a telephone conversation.

Step 7

Try to isolate yourself as much as possible from people who have been previously convicted of extortion. Moreover, do not take them to your work.

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