How To Deal With Staff

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How To Deal With Staff
How To Deal With Staff

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Building relationships with subordinates is one of the key stages in a manager's work. Not only the climate in the team depends on the correct behavior, but also the efficiency of work in general.

How to deal with staff
How to deal with staff

It is necessary

document on corporate ethics


Step 1

Write a document of corporate ethics. Indicate in it all the main provisions regarding behavior in the company, the rules for communicating with clients and within the company, the dress code. Try to adhere to these rules yourself in everyday life and in communication with subordinates.

Step 2

Maintain a certain distance. Even if you are not against friendly relations with subordinates, turning to "you", ordinary conversations that are not related to work, the staff still should not have a reason to manipulate you. If necessary, participate in the discussion and solution of some of the problems of subordinates. However, in any case, employees should feel the hierarchy in the company and perceive you as a superior person.

Step 3

Lead by example on the key issues you ask staff. If your advocate for a perfect office environment, the chaos on your desk can undermine your efforts. Do not smoke in the office - do not do it yourself. You will achieve much more success if the subordinates consider you to be part of the general set of rules.

Step 4

Formulate tasks clearly and have specific requirements. Establish yourself as a consistent leader who does not set impossible tasks, but at the same time expects high-quality and well-done work. Develop a control system and follow it.

Step 5

Enter your personal unspoken workflow traditions. Form your own management character. For example, your subordinates should know that you absolutely do not accept being late, but you can give the employee a day off if necessary.

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