How To Arrange An Idle Time At Work

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How To Arrange An Idle Time At Work
How To Arrange An Idle Time At Work

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A temporary suspension of the work of an enterprise, or a simple one, must be formalized in accordance with the instructions of Article 157 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, so that in the event of an inspection by the labor inspectorate, no violations by the employer are revealed.

How to arrange an idle time at work
How to arrange an idle time at work

It is necessary

  • - notification;
  • - order;
  • - timesheet.


Step 1

Downtime can be caused by reasons of a different nature: equipment malfunction, financial and economic difficulties of the enterprise, lack of orders or the necessary material for their implementation. Regardless of the reason, the employer is obliged to announce the downtime and its terms to all employees or only to those who will be forced to temporarily suspend work.

Step 2

Since the reasons for the forced suspension of work may arise completely unexpectedly, the timing of notifying employees is not established by law, and a downtime can be announced on the eve of the actual suspension of work.

Step 3

If a worker has a malfunctioning machine or other equipment necessary for the production of products, he must immediately notify the employer. In the absence of notification orally or in writing, the employer has the right to terminate the employment relationship unilaterally, having previously imposed a fine on the employee, written punishment and drawn up an act of violation.

Step 4

After notifying all or a group of employees about the downtime, issue an order. Indicate in it the reasons that led to the temporary suspension of the enterprise, the date of the beginning and end of the downtime. If the downtime ends earlier or later than the specified deadlines, you will issue an additional order for the end of the downtime. Familiarize everyone with the order on receipt.

Step 5

During downtime, fill out the unified form No. T-12 or No. T-13. In the column for working hours, put the code for the reason for downtime: due to the fault of the employer - 31 or "RP", due to the fault of the employee - 33 or "VP", for independent reasons - 32 or "NP".

Step 6

During the termination of the main activity, you can attract personnel to perform other types of work to ensure their employment (Article 22 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

Step 7

Pay your employees 2/3 of the 12-month average earnings during all downtime. Downtime, which happened due to the fault of the employee, you have the right not to pay.

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