Where To Complain About The Precinct

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Where To Complain About The Precinct
Where To Complain About The Precinct

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A precinct officer must, in accordance with his official duties, protect the rights of citizens living in the territory under his jurisdiction. But very often citizens are dissatisfied with the work of their district police officer both in terms of exceeding official powers and in terms of his inaction. In this case, any citizen has every right to file a complaint with a district police officer.

Where to complain about the precinct
Where to complain about the precinct


Step 1

To begin with, a complaint can be submitted to the structural unit to which the district police officer belongs, i.e. to his superiors - the deputy chief of the Internal Affairs Department for the MOB or the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate. Often, at the mention of the fact that you will be writing a complaint to the boss, the employee changes his line of behavior. That is, the issue can be resolved even before the complaint is filed if you inform the unscrupulous district police officer about your plans. If this did not affect him in any way, the complaint should be written in writing.

Step 2

If the issue is not resolved at the local level, then you should complain to the Internal Security Directorate of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation, then to the Internal Security Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Internal security units are looking at cases of corruption with great interest. Therefore, if your complaint is related to extortion of funds, then here you will most likely be helped. You can also contact the Federal Security Service or the Prosecutor General's Office if the above authorities did not help you.

Step 3

You can apply to these authorities personally, i.e. directly to the reception, and via the Internet. In any case, the appeal will be accepted. The complaint should indicate specific claims and facts that report a violation of the law by the police officer or confirm his inaction. It is good if evidence is attached to the appeal, for example, correspondence or something else. The second copy of the complaint or a copy of it with marks that it was accepted must remain with you.

Step 4

All appeals to government agencies are thoroughly investigated, and if a police officer is found guilty, measures will be taken. If the complaint is substantiated, then the perpetrator will be punished. If, during the investigation of the appeal, the fact of libel is discovered, the complainant will be punished in accordance with the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

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