Where To Complain About The Organization

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Where To Complain About The Organization
Where To Complain About The Organization

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After concluding an agreement with one or another organization for the provision of various services, all sorts of disputes and disagreements may arise. If you are sure that the other party is violating your rights, you must use the right to defend them in a certain order.

Where to complain about the organization
Where to complain about the organization

It is necessary

  • - written claim and its copy;
  • - statement of claim to the court;
  • - an attachment to the statement of claim with evidence on the dispute that has arisen.


Step 1

You can file a complaint against an organization directly to its management, for example, the CEO. In this case, the injured party has the right to draw up a claim in writing, indicating in it the reasons for the disagreement, as well as putting forward the requirements and the timing of their implementation. Submit your signed claim to the legal address of the organization and address it directly to the principal. If your requirements are legitimate, the organization must meet you and fulfill them on time. Ignoring the claim or a negative answer to it obliges the plaintiff to submit a claim to the court.

Step 2

Determine the nature of the relationship between you and the alleged respondent. In disputes with organizations, they are most often financial and civil. Accordingly, select a court of law to which you will file your claim, for example, an arbitration court, an administrative court, etc. Organizations often violate the Criminal Code and even constitutional articles. According to the law, it is necessary to send a claim to the court at the place of registration of the organization.

Step 3

Make a statement of claim correctly, guided by the instructions of the Russian procedural legislation. It must put forward precise claims with instructions of the articles and laws violated by the defendant, the nature of the dispute is described in detail, all your requirements are indicated. It is important to correctly indicate the full name of the head of the organization, as well as all persons involved in the dispute. Attach to the claim any available evidence that can speed up the process of solving the case: audio and video recordings, documents, testimony of witnesses, etc. Also attach a copy of the claim sent to the manager's name. If everything was filled out correctly, the court will consider your claim within the prescribed time limit and, depending on the nature of the dispute, will resolve it alone or set a date for the trial.

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