Where To Complain About Neighbors

Where To Complain About Neighbors
Where To Complain About Neighbors

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Living in an apartment building implies having neighbors who may be far from ideal. However, you do not have to patiently endure the constant noise and other "delights" of such a neighborhood. There are laws that allow you to make a legitimate complaint.

Where to complain about neighbors
Where to complain about neighbors

If your neighbors are constantly making noise, arranging regular showdowns or renovating an apartment, you can record the sounds annoying you on a dictaphone and contact the district police officer. This is possible if the noise is recorded at night from 11 pm to 7 am, when it should not exceed 30 dB (for comparison, the noise from a working vacuum cleaner is 75 dB, from a TV - 60-70 dB). In severe cases, you can call the police department on duty in your area. And remember that your actions are backed by the law.

Collective grievances work best: Collect signatures from other residents who may also be suffering from restless neighbors. Make the application in two parts, keep one of which with a note of acceptance. If the law enforcement agencies do not take appropriate measures, complain to the city police department.

If tenants live in a noisy apartment, that is, the premises are rented, first of all, try to notify the owner of the problem about the problem. He probably won't want to deal with problem clients.

It happens that neighbors spend months doing repairs in their apartment, knocking day and night and leaving construction waste on the landing. In this case, you, first of all, need to contact your management company or the housing authority attached to your house. Any redevelopment, up to the installation of a new front door, requires permission from the authorities in order to avoid various unpleasant consequences. And if your neighbors break the load-bearing wall or put the door so that in the open position it will interfere with normal movement along the common corridor, they will face considerable penalties.

Are you tired of the endless barking of the dog behind the wall? Are your neighbors' pets constantly shitting on the porch? Apply to your Housing Maintenance Office. If this does not help, you can write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor and ask for an examination. This is possible even if the residents themselves litter in public places. You can also write a statement to the district police officer, since the owners of animals, according to the law, must maintain cleanliness in public places such as an entrance, an elevator, a corridor, etc. Do not keep cats and dogs on loggias, balconies and attics.

If appeals to the district police officer or the management company did not work, file a complaint with higher authorities, for example, the deputy head of the Internal Affairs Department (Department of Internal Affairs) or the head of the Department of Internal Affairs (Department of Internal Affairs). You can also go to the magistrate's court.

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