How To File Contracts

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How To File Contracts
How To File Contracts

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Some companies have documentation for decades. To prevent important papers from getting wrinkled or lost, they need to be filed into folders made of hard cardboard or plastic. Give each contract a separate number for identification.

How to file contracts
How to file contracts


Step 1

To make it easy to find the desired contract, keep a book of records. Give the document a number and enter it in this journal. In addition to the number, enter the date of the contract. The entry in the journal should look like this: 1. Contract No. 123TP dated 22.02.2011. In the notes, you can indicate the essence of the contract, when required by the corporate style of documentation.

Step 2

If there are several legal entities in the company, create a separate book of contracts for each. Use conventional symbols in your notation. For example, write down the contracts of Masha and Bears OJSC as 123MM. And mark the securities from ZAO "Three Little Pigs" with 123TP. Assign the numbers in order to avoid confusion.

Step 3

When the agreement has passed all the approvals, signed by the general directors of both parties, seals have been put, it can be filed in a folder. Choose folders with a hard cover - they will ensure the safety of documents. Each legal entity needs its own folder.

Step 4

Before the sheets. Take a hole punch and punch new holes. Place the document in a folder and secure it with special antennae. Separate one contract from another with a blank A4 sheet.

Step 5

You can also file contracts in another way. This will require transparent files. Place each document in a separate file and pin it in a folder.

Step 6

Do not store too many contracts in one folder - they can get wrinkled. The folder should be easy to close, individual sheets should not stick out.

Step 7

For storage of folders with contracts, have a separate shelf in the closet. On the folder, write the year and the legal entity that owns the documents. This will allow you to quickly find the right papers if needed.

Step 8

There is no need to keep folders with contracts from three years ago at all times. Arrange them in cardboard boxes, signing the year and the legal entity for which the documents are issued. Send the boxes to the warehouse. Choose a dry place for storage. Moisture is harmful to paper.

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