How To Get A Job In The FSB Of The Russian Federation

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How To Get A Job In The FSB Of The Russian Federation
How To Get A Job In The FSB Of The Russian Federation
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Working in the Federal Security Service (FSB) is the dream of every third youth in the Russian Federation. And there is a logical explanation for this: the prestige of the profession; huge career opportunities both during service and after retirement; stable wages, and many more perks.

But do not forget that serving in the FSB is also a great responsibility. Based on statistics, only one in two hundred and fifty citizens of the Russian Federation is able to get a job in the FSB of Russia. But perhaps this two hundred and fiftieth is you! Therefore, if you dream of becoming a security officer, I recommend that you try your hand.

Today I decided to share my personal experience of trying to find employment for the service in the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

How to get a job in the FSB of the Russian Federation
How to get a job in the FSB of the Russian Federation

It is necessary

  • - age from 16 to 40 years.
  • - a written application for the consideration of your candidacy for service in the security organs;
  • - autobiography, completed by hand;
  • - passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - military ID or registration certificate;
  • - a document on the level of education together with an assessment sheet;
  • - certificate of registration of acts of civil status (if any);
  • - documents of close relatives (certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, adoption, establishment of paternity, change of name, death);
  • - information about income, property and property obligations of the candidate, his wife (spouse), minor children;
  • - photographs of the established sample (they do not require it right away, the "established sample" will be clarified by an employee of the FSB personnel department).


Step 1

The first step is to find out the telephone number of the FSB Directorate in your region. By calling, tell us about your desire to work in the FSB, your call will be transferred to an employee of the personnel department. At this point, you will need a pen and a piece of paper. a human resources employee will tell you the address, date and time of appointment. Be sure to write down the name of the employee conducting the dialogue with you.

Step 2

Show up at the appointed time and day at the FSB Directorate in your region. Upon entering the building, contact the person on duty, tell him the name of the employee with whom you previously spoke on the phone and find out his personal phone number. Then go to the waiting room, in most cases there is an intercom, if it is not there, then contact the attendant again to clarify the location of the intercom. Call your Human Resources Officer to inform you of your arrival and wait for him in the waiting room.

Step 3

If you are under 22 years old and you have not completed military service, or you are under 25 years old and have completed military service by conscription, then it is highly likely that you will be offered to undergo training in one of the border institutes of the FSB of Russia or the Moscow Academy of the FSB. These are some of the most prestigious universities in Russia, judge for yourself: free education; the scholarship reaches 15 thousand rubles; the teaching staff is almost entirely staffed by former KGB and FSB officers; the most modern material and technical base; upon graduation, you are awarded the rank of lieutenant of the FSB.

Step 4

Have you decided to try to enter educational institutions? Then you need to undergo a psychophysiological study. Research is underway at the FSB medical center, the address of which will be given to you by an employee of the personnel department. From personal experience, I will say that if you do not know the city well, then be sure to download high-quality maps showing the organization in the buildings, because even the residents of houses adjacent to the medical center do not even know about its existence.

Step 5

Psychophysiological research takes place in 2 stages: computer tests prepared by psychologists of the FSB of Russia, a conversation with psychologists; passing the commission to check your physical condition.Out of 20 people, 5-7 people pass to the 2nd stage. It is not the task of psychologists to cut off more than half, they just do not fit the FSB standards.

Step 6

Checking the physical condition is practically no different from the military medical commission. But there is a "trick": they asked for fingernails and hair from the head for examination, it turns out, thanks to hair and nails, it is possible to determine whether you have used drugs during the previous two years. Therefore, if you did, do not try to enlist in the FSB, do not waste both your time and the time of employees.

Step 7

Next, you must go through a polygraph: nothing complicated if you have nothing to hide from the FSB officers.

Step 8

If you have successfully completed a psychophysiological study, then I recommend that you devote the subsequent time to physical training, because the next step is to check your physical fitness. You can find the standards for admission to FSB educational institutions on the official website of the Federal Security Service. Your physical fitness will be checked at the FSB educational institution of your choice. The educational institution organizes a 30-day camp in June.

Step 9

Well, if you do not want to study at the educational institutions of the FSB of Russia, then you will also be offered to undergo a psychophysiological study. After that you will be told "We will call you!", But you may not wait for this call.

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