How To Write An Autobiography In English

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How To Write An Autobiography In English
How To Write An Autobiography In English

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When applying for a job in a foreign company, applicants are faced with the need to write an autobiography or resume in English. In Russia, these concepts are most often used as equivalent, although the autobiography presupposes a more detailed disclosure of information. In other countries, the terms “Curriculum Vitae” and “Resume” are used.

How to write an autobiography in English
How to write an autobiography in English


Step 1

“Curriculum Vitae” is Latin for “life path” or “life course” and is denoted by the abbreviation CV. Usually a CV is used in scientific, medical and journalistic circles, since it contains a full description of the candidate: educational institutions, special courses, internships, scientific works, achievements, publications, etc. The volume of a CV can reach tens or even hundreds of pages if the author cites excerpts from his works.

Step 2

In most companies, the applicant is required "Resume" - a summary of information on no more than 2 A4 pages, which can be supplemented with cover letters and letters of recommendation of 1 page.

Step 3

A standard resume includes the following sections:

- personal data - Personal Information;

- the position for which you are applying - Objective;

- information about education - Education;

- information about previous jobs - Career, Occupation, Employment, Work Experience;

- acquired skills and achievements - Skills;

- knowledge of languages ​​- Languages;

- additional information - Side Personal Information;

- recommendations - References.

Step 4

In the “Personal Information” section, write your first name, first letter of middle name and last name: “Vadim S. Korolev”. Indicate your contacts: postal address, home and mobile phone numbers, e-mail.

Step 5

Indicate the position you want to take in the company: “Objective Office Manager”. An additional plus will be the statement in the summary of their plans, which can benefit the employing company.

Step 6

In the "Education" section, first indicate the educational institutions that you graduated from, and after that - additional education: courses, seminars, trainings, after which a diploma or certificate is issued. Provide detailed information in this order: specialty ("Lawyer") - faculty ("Law Faculty") - higher education ("Moscow State University"). You can find the correct name of your university in English on its website.

Step 7

When filling out the “Career” section, list your previous jobs in descending order, indicating the period of employment (“May 2000 - September 2010”), position held (“Economist”), department (“Financial Department”), company name (“Motor Service” Ltd.), city (“Astrakhan”), country (“Russia”), job descriptions in brief.

Step 8

From the “Skills” section, the employer will find out what computer programs you own (MS Office, Adobe Photoshop), whether you have a driver's license and what category, as well as other skills and abilities that make you a desirable candidate for the position.

Step 9

In the “Languages” item, you need to indicate what languages ​​you speak and to what extent: fluent - fluent, read and translate - working knowledge, with a dictionary - basic knowledge.

Step 10

Further, in the "Side Personal Information" section, describe yourself as a responsible and executive employee, indicating your best features in your autobiography: purposefulness - purposefulness, accuracy - exactness, punctuality - punctuality, etc. Be sure to include your favorite sport and hobby on your resume so that the employer sees you as a versatile personality.

Step 11

At the end of your CV, list employers who can give you good references. You can attach a letter of recommendation to your resume, or you can provide the address where a potential employer can apply for information about you: “Letters of Reference is available upon request from“Motor Service”Ltd., Pushkin St., 21, Astrakhan, Russia”.

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