How To Write A Letter In English

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How To Write A Letter In English
How To Write A Letter In English

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Correspondence still occupies an important place in the business and personal life of a modern person. Even new technologies have not been able to completely supplant the letter from our lives. Whatever language the message is written in, it has its own purpose, and its content and style depend on it. And a letter written in English also has a certain structure. In order for it to convey to the addressee all the necessary information, it is necessary to observe a number of rules when writing it.

How to write a letter in English
How to write a letter in English

It is necessary

a sheet of paper, a pen, a postal envelope with a stamp


Step 1

1.First of all, write the sender's address, which should be located in the upper right corner of the sheet. Do this in a specific order: first write the apartment and house number, then the street name, then indicate the locality and in the last line - the country. Just below the address, in the same corner, put the date in the format of day, month (in words) and year.

Step 2

2.Slightly below the sender's address, on the left, write the name and surname of the recipient and his address.

Step 3

3. Directly start the letter itself with a polite address Dear … which should be followed by the name of the person you are writing to. If the name is unknown (in some business letters), you can simply contact Sir or Madam. The appeal is written in the left corner, just below the address, and is a separate paragraph ending with a comma.

Step 4

4. In the next paragraph, indicate the reason why you are writing, or the purpose of your appeal, if the letter is of a business nature. In the case of an informal letter, here you can indicate general phrases expressing gratitude, regret, joy, etc., addressed to the addressee.

Step 5

5. Go to the main body of the letter. It can contain one or more paragraphs. In both formal and informal writing, each paragraph should be dedicated to a specific topic or contain separate information.

Step 6

6. Finish the letter with words of thanks and polite phrases expressing your desire to receive an answer soon. Next, in the lower left corner, indicate the name and surname of the sender and sign.

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