How To Write An Autobiography

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How To Write An Autobiography
How To Write An Autobiography

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You may face the need to write an autobiography when applying for a new job. It is also required to provide it at the military registration and enlistment office or in some educational institutions. In your autobiography, you need to consistently describe the important stages in life, as well as provide information about your family.

How to write an autobiography
How to write an autobiography


Step 1

Any autobiography begins to write with the message of personal data: last name, first name, patronymic, date and place of birth.

Step 2

Next, you need to note where and how your childhood passed (city, educational institution, school performance or passion for some business, etc.). If you graduated from a specialized educational institution, for example, with an advanced study of foreign languages ​​or with an aesthetic direction, also check this.

Step 3

In the event that you were engaged in a sports school and have any title, sports category (candidate for master of sports, the presence of a youth category, etc.), write about this in your autobiography.

Step 4

Provide information about your family: parents (education, social status, age), your marital status (married, divorced, having children, etc.). Be sure to indicate if your family is single-parent or large.

Step 5

If after leaving school you entered a higher educational institution or technical school, write its name, as well as the specialization that you received.

Step 6

If you participate in various conferences, competitions, readings, round tables and high results achieved, do not forget to reflect this in your autobiography.

Step 7

An important addition to the overall picture of your achievements may be serving in the army, completing any courses (culinary, computer) or studying at a driving school (having a license, category).

Step 8

List the names of the enterprises, organizations or firms where you worked. Do not forget to report your position and professional growth. Indicate what skills and abilities you are fluent in, for example, knowledge of the latest computer technology, etc.

Step 9

Write about what you are passionate about in your free time (embroidery, swimming, dancing, sports).

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