How To Identify Weaknesses

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How To Identify Weaknesses
How To Identify Weaknesses
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There are no ideal people in the world. Even the smartest, most talented person has drawbacks. That is why the employer, considering the candidates for applicants, is looking for an answer to the question: what are their weaknesses, and how serious are they? At the interview, a potential employee presents himself from the best side. It is naive to expect someone to openly admit their weaknesses.

How to identify weaknesses
How to identify weaknesses


Step 1

Ironically, a candidate's strengths can help identify weaknesses! It is not for nothing that they say: "Where there is strength, there is weakness." Try to see the other side of the person applying for a job. For example, a business owner is looking for a senior executive. If the applicant is domineering, authoritarian, you can be sure that he will impose good labor discipline among his subordinates. But such leaders often create a nervous environment in the work collective, which leads to staff turnover.

Step 2

Pay attention to the work book of a potential employee. If you observe a constant change of place of work, you are probably in front of a person with a weak character. Such people often leave things unfinished, shifting work from day to day.

Step 3

If the interviewee talks too much irrelevant, it could be a sign of frivolity and not being serious about the job.

Step 4

Set a task for the applicant: “Suppose you have such and such a problem at work. What are the best ways to solve it, in your opinion? " Carefully analyze how quickly the person came up with options for a solution, and how reasonable they were, then draw a conclusion about his potential weaknesses.

Step 5

There is another good method of helping to identify the weaknesses of the applicant - this is the "stress survey". That is, a person is asked several questions at a fast pace, they must be strange and provocative. In the process of answering, the employee's reaction is closely monitored. This method is used if a person is applying for the position of a sales manager, because he will have to conduct constant negotiations with clients, and his main task is to maintain composure in any situation. If he, answering your ridiculous questions, gets nervous, becomes impatient, annoyed, most likely, he is not suitable for this position.

Step 6

Invite the person to answer the question openly: "What can you yourself say about your weaknesses?" From what exactly the applicant will say, and how he will say, it is possible to form a more or less objective idea of ​​him.

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