How To Identify Your Okato

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How To Identify Your Okato
How To Identify Your Okato

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OKATO is an eight-digit code for the division of administrative-territorial units. It will be necessary to determine the OKATO when filling out a tax declaration, processing payment documents, when filling out personnel, statistical forms. OKATO means the code of the settlement where the action is performed: filing a tax return, statistical forms. The objects of classification are republics, regions, territories, cities, city districts, etc.

To determine the OKATO, the following should be taken into account:

How to identify your okato
How to identify your okato


Step 1

In the classifier, all settlements are divided into groups according to three levels of classification of administrative-territorial objects:

- the first level (the first and second characters of the code) designates the subject of the Russian Federation: territory, region, autonomous region, republic.

- the second level (from the third to the fifth code characters) - these are structural units that are part of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation: cities and districts of the region, urban-type settlements. The administrative division of the subjects of the Russian Federation is fixed in the Charters, Constitutions, laws of the subjects.

- the third level (from the sixth to the eighth code characters) - rural settlements: a village, a village, a hamlet.

The classifier adopted a hierarchical classification system, according to administrative subordination. In the classifier, you can look at the OKATO yourself, that is, it is not necessary to understand which coding method is used. For example, the Leningradsky district of the city of Kaliningrad has an OKATO of 27,401,368,000.

Due to the large amount of information, the classifier does not include a list of rural settlements.

Step 2

The assignment by OKATO is carried out by the statistics body. To determine the OKATO, ask for help on specific organization codes.

Step 3

In tax inspectorates, on information stands there is information about codes. The address of the website is also indicated, where you can see any code, including OKATO.

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