How Not To Be Shy At Work

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How Not To Be Shy At Work
How Not To Be Shy At Work

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Practice shows that people who are constantly embarrassed and live with a feeling of fear and awkwardness have little in life. Including at work. It is impossible to make a successful career and become a successful person without expelling the treacherous feeling of shyness in yourself.

How not to be shy at work
How not to be shy at work


Step 1

Find the reason for this feature in your behavior. As a rule, shy people are not confident in themselves, they constantly repeat: "I cannot," Thus, a person programs himself to fail. He considers himself to be worse than those around him, which is why he is very dependent on other people's opinions. However, research shows that shy people often have much higher and better abilities than others. Therefore, start dealing with self-doubt.

Step 2

Find a fulcrum within yourself. Let it be your well-groomed appearance, red diploma, sweet smile, excellent knowledge of a foreign language. Something that you are absolutely confident in and that you definitely do not feel embarrassed about. Try not to think that you will find yourself in some stupid situation. As you know, thoughts are material. Moreover, this attitude only paralyzes you. To be more confident in yourself, always be in good shape. A neat, well-groomed appearance will add a sense of security and comfort to you.

Step 3

Spend more time with the team and do not withdraw into yourself. In the beginning, you will have to make titanic efforts on yourself every day. After all, you, the "gray mouse", are more accustomed to sitting out somewhere in the corner. Come up with your own original "trick" or take on a small social function in the team. Organize your own "hobby group". For example, share every week a new original culinary recipe, review new performances and films, order lunch for everyone if no one has done this before. In general, become an interesting, irreplaceable person in a team, an authority in some business. This will give you confidence and respect in the eyes of your colleagues.

Step 4

In a team, do not let yourself be offended. Otherwise, you will remain that sweet and harmless little man who can be pushed around and who does not have to be reckoned with. Don't assume that your coworkers are better than you at everything. Learn to defend your opinion, say "no" when someone else's work is piled on you.

Step 5

Get the attention of your superiors. Propose your own candidacy for the implementation of an interesting project. Remember that only practical activities, in which you will improve, and the invaluable experience gained, can give you self-confidence and get rid of shyness.

Step 6

Stop depending on the opinions of others. Remember that it has nothing to do with you and does not affect your life in any way. If you find it difficult to understand this on your own, consult a psychologist. In addition, there are many special trainings for personal growth, where people are taught to cope with many problems and achieve success in life. Attend one of these trainings.

Step 7

Read biographies of people who have achieved success in life through their own efforts. Such information will instill confidence in you and help you get rid of shyness, make a successful career, and improve yourself as a person.

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