How To Get A Cadastral Number For Land

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How To Get A Cadastral Number For Land
How To Get A Cadastral Number For Land
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The cadastral number is assigned to land plots by the cadastral registration authorities. Therefore, in order for your site to have such a number, it must be put on the cadastral register. It is also necessary for other purposes (for example, for carrying out transactions with land).

How to get a cadastral number for land
How to get a cadastral number for land


Step 1

To get a cadastral number for a land plot, put it on the cadastral register. To do this, contact the cadastral registration authority at the location of your land plot with an application for cadastral registration of the property. It is important to do this as soon as possible if any land transactions are envisaged. Without a cadastral number, for example, you will not register ownership of it.

Step 2

Gather a set of documents that will need to be attached to the application. It:

1.your passport (if applied personally);

2. a land survey plan (if it is not there, then it will be necessary to organize a land survey and receive it).

In some cases, other documents may be required. They are listed in the Federal Law "On the State Real Estate Cadastre" of July 24, 2007, in article 22. For example, if you are unable to apply to the cadastral registration authority in person, your representative can do this by proxy. He will need to attach to the application a power of attorney for himself, a copy of your passport and present his passport.

Step 3

Within 20 days from the date of acceptance of your application and documents, the cadastral registration body is obliged to make a decision on registering the site or refusing to do so. It is also possible to suspend cadastral registration (if the necessary documents are not submitted, there are contradictions between information about the site, etc.). Refusal can be obtained only in cases determined by law - they are specified in article 27 of the Federal Law "On the State Real Estate Cadastre". If you disagree with the reason for the refusal, you have the right to challenge the refusal in court.

Step 4

If your site has been put on cadastral registration, get a cadastral passport for it from the cadastral registration authority. It will indicate the cadastral number assigned to the site. It is formed as follows: first there is the number of the cadastral district, then the cadastral region, then the quarter and then the land plot. These numbers are separated by colons.

Step 5

If you need to receive several copies of the cadastral passport, indicate this in advance in the application (in the column "number of copies"). If you are unable to appear for the documents, you can receive them by mail.

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