How To Choose An Okved Code

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How To Choose An Okved Code
How To Choose An Okved Code

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You will have to choose OKVED codes when filling out an application for state registration of an individual entrepreneur or preparing the constituent documents of an enterprise. This procedure plunges many aspiring entrepreneurs into a stupor. But it is not as difficult as it might seem.

How to choose an okved code
How to choose an okved code

It is necessary

Directory of OKVED codes


Step 1

The law does not limit the number of OKVED codes in any way. By definition, there cannot be less than one, but there is no upper limit. You can specify at least the entire contents of the directory, but this, of course, is an extreme.

Step 2

Before you start choosing a code, think carefully about what you would like to do, what you know how to do, what your business can develop in the future, what new directions and additional sources of income to grow. Having received the answer to these questions, you can start studying the reference book. which can be easily found on the Internet. It is better to give preference at the same time to sites of proven legal systems, for example, "Guarantor" or "Consultant", where only relevant information is posted.

Step 3

You can safely skip some sections. It hardly makes sense to spend time on activities related to mining or metalworking, if you definitely do not plan to do all of this.

If you have not found a code that accurately describes your activity, stop at the one that is closest in meaning.

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