How To Get A Medical Certificate

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How To Get A Medical Certificate
How To Get A Medical Certificate

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In the modern world, in order to be able to engage in any activity, you need to have a specialist certificate. It is not enough to graduate from a medical institution and receive a diploma in order to engage in professional activities, it is necessary to undergo a mandatory certification procedure. It is the certificate that will prove the compliance of your knowledge and skills.

How to get a medical certificate
How to get a medical certificate


Step 1

Remember that any medical certificate of a specialist is valid for five years, after which you must again confirm the right to work in this specialty. In each medical academy, certification cycles are organized, which are in the nature of improvement for specialists who have been working for at least one year. The duration of the thematic improvement courses should be at least 144 hours.

Step 2

Write a statement to the name of the head physician asking for permission to take a refresher course. Remember that the staffing of certification cycles is correlated with the need for health care providers to improve the skills of their staff. If you are looking for an initial specialization, be aware that the health department and your health care facility may contract with the faculty to train you as a specialist.

Step 3

Submit the relevant documents to the academy. Please note that the certification committee of the medical institution is obliged to review the application and your other documentation within 1 month. At the time of submitting the documents, familiarize yourself with the requirements of the certification commission and the nature of the certification cycle. After that, determine the topics for self-preparation (they should make up about 1/3 of the curriculum), coordinate this with the curator of the cycle.

Step 4

At the end of your studies, be ready to pass the certification exam, after successfully passing which you can expect to receive the required certificate. Without exams, specialist certificates are issued only to doctors of science on the basis of the submitted documents.

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