How To Fill Out A Medical Certificate

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How To Fill Out A Medical Certificate
How To Fill Out A Medical Certificate

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A certificate is a document that confirms the fact of an illness. It is issued to all students of higher and secondary vocational educational institutions, as well as to working citizens in a polyclinic at the place of residence after a disease to be presented at the place of study or work. The document has a unified form 095 and 027, which was approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on October 4, 1980 No. 1030. Only a local doctor or a doctor from a hospital can fill out the certificate.

How to fill out a medical certificate
How to fill out a medical certificate

It is necessary

  • - passport or birth certificate;
  • - student or student card;
  • - consult a doctor.


Step 1

To get a certificate of the disease, contact the clinic or call your local doctor at the first symptoms of the disease. If you called a doctor at home, the doctor will prescribe the necessary examination and treatment for you, and also name the date of visiting the clinic for a second examination, depending on which you will continue treatment or be discharged to study.

Step 2

If you can visit a doctor on your own, contact the reception, get an appointment card. During the examination, you will also be prescribed an examination and treatment, and will be told the date of the return visit to the doctor. If there is a need for inpatient treatment, then you will be given a referral to a hospital.

Step 3

After all the test results correspond to the discharge, that is, the specialist decides that you have recovered, your local doctor or doctor from the hospital will write out a form 095 certificate, in which he will indicate your name, home address, place of study or work, terms of exemption from vaccinations and physical culture. The doctor will write the diagnosis in the certificate or put its digital code, if the diagnosis is not subject to disclosure, his signature, stamp, the date of the beginning and end of the disease. Sign the certificate from the head physician of the polyclinic, contact the reception, you will be stamped.

Step 4

If you were treated in a hospital, then a certificate can be issued to you upon discharge from it or an extract will be issued, and the district doctor will fill out certificate 095.

Step 5

Form 095 certificate is issued for 14 days. If you continue to be ill, then after the end of the illness you will be issued a form 027 certificate, which describes the illness in more detail and is issued for no more than 75 days. It is filled in by a doctor from a clinic or hospital. In this document there are columns in which the history of the disease and treatment is entered. Everything else is filled in in accordance with Form 095.

Step 6

If you continue to be ill for more than 75 days, then this is the period when the law does not provide for the issuance of additional certificates and you will have to take an academic leave or receive a referral to a medical and social expert commission to consider the issue of disability.

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