How To Acquire Russian Citizenship In

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How To Acquire Russian Citizenship In
How To Acquire Russian Citizenship In

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Citizenship is not just a status, it is a certain kind of responsibility, both yours to the state and the state to you. For example, after obtaining citizenship, you become liable for military service, you must pay taxes, while the state provides you with its protection. By accepting citizenship, you accept the Constitution of the Russian Federation and are obliged to live by its laws.

How to acquire Russian citizenship
How to acquire Russian citizenship


Step 1

Register in Russia. This is a prerequisite for obtaining a temporary residence permit. You can register on the living space that is in your property, the property of your relatives or third parties (with their consent). Registration must be complete, i.e. constant. Temporary registration (registration) will not allow you to obtain a permanent residence permit.

Step 2

Then get a temporary residence permit. To do this, you must have a compelling justification of the reason for entering the territory of Russia and a desire to stay here. From the documents you will need: an application of the established form in 2 copies, your civil passport, birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificate (if any), education document, photo 3, 5x4, 5 cm, medical certificate on the absence of HIV infection, completed migration card. The Federal Migration Service will stamp you with a temporary residence permit. The permit is issued for a period of up to three years and gives a foreign citizen the right to reside in the territory of the Russian Federation until a residence permit is received.

Step 3

A residence permit can be obtained no earlier than 1 year after the issuance of a temporary residence permit, but an application for it must be submitted no later than 6 months before the expiration of the permit. You should apply for a residence permit at the Federal Migration Service at the place of temporary residence. Required documents for obtaining a residence permit: application of the established form, photo 3, 5x4, 5 cm, notarized copy of your passport, temporary residence permit, confirmation of legal livelihood, medical opinion on the absence of HIV infection and other dangerous infectious diseases, a copy of the migration card with a registration mark, confirmation of the right to use the living quarters. Pay the state fee of 1000 rubles. Get a residence permit. This is a separate document with your photo and all personal data, valid for 5 years. It can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

Step 4

Give up your previous citizenship. To do this, write an application and send it by mail with notification to the consulate of your country located in Moscow. Renunciation of the previous citizenship is mandatory for obtaining Russian citizenship. Make a preliminary copy of the application for the renunciation of the previous citizenship and certify it with a notary.

Step 5

Write an application for citizenship. It can be submitted no earlier than after 5 years of permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of a residence permit. The final citizenship can take about one year from the date of application. Please note that you will need to pass an exam in Russian.

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