How To Prove Cohabitation

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How To Prove Cohabitation
How To Prove Cohabitation

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Civil marriage, that is, the cohabitation of a man and a woman in the same territory, their common household, is capable of engendering certain rights and obligations, even though the couple is not officially married. In particular, all purchases made during this period are considered joint property and are subject to division. However, serious problems can arise when trying to prove that they are living together.

How to prove cohabitation
How to prove cohabitation

It is necessary

Passport, statement of claim in court, written evidence, testimony


Step 1

The law states that the fact of cohabitation can be established only in court if there is a certain kind of evidence. Therefore, you first need to go to court with a statement of claim. In the application, the interested party must necessarily indicate what fact needs to be established and for what purpose, what evidence the plaintiff has, confirming cohabitation. After that, you need to wait for the start of the trial.

Step 2

Evidence can be recognized as testimony of witnesses, all kinds of written evidence, for example, registration at one address, payment of utility bills and other bills, the presence of a joint bank account, police records, letters, and the like. In addition, various types of information carriers, such as cassettes or discs, can be submitted to the court, the judge on the spot will familiarize himself with their content and decide on the admissibility or inadmissibility of such evidence.

Step 3

To prove the fact of living together, you need to properly prepare for the trial: talk to friends and neighbors so that they agree to appear at the trial as witnesses. Find and submit to the court all possible bills and checks for jointly purchased goods, stock up on certificates from various housing organizations, remember if there is any other acceptable evidence. If you have children, indicate the fact of their joint upbringing.

Step 4

Proofs will only be required if the defendant denies living together. Circumstances recognized in court by both parties do not require additional confirmation. Therefore, in court, try to conduct the conversation in such a way that the defendant admits that he lived with you for some time and kept a common household. Then the need for additional evidence will disappear by itself.

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