How To Prove Authorship

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How To Prove Authorship
How To Prove Authorship

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If you write poetry or prose and are going to place your works in the media or on the Internet, you must first of all take care of copyrighting your works. There is a "presumption of authorship", which is enshrined in Article 1257 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The article states that the person indicated as the author on the work (original or copy) is considered its full author, unless otherwise proven.

How to prove authorship
How to prove authorship


Step 1

Method one. If other persons try to appropriate your works without an agreement concluded between you, file a claim against them, referring to Article 1257 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Submit your application by enclosing the original or a copy of your work in writing with your initials, date and signature (or unsigned).

Step 2

In this case, the court will rule in your favor, applying an administrative penalty to persons who tried to appropriate your works. If the accused persons provide, as evidence of their innocence, the original or a copy of the same document indicating their initials and an early date, then the court will make a decision not in your favor, and an administrative penalty will be applied to you.

Step 3

Method two. In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, deposit your works in COPYRUS, which is designed to help authors to confirm their right to own this or that work. To deposit your works, deposit copies of them in KOPIRUS, indicating there your initials and the date of writing.

Step 4

KOPIRUS will put the date of deposit on them and give you a certificate of acceptance of your works for storage and enter them into its register. After receiving the certificate, you will be able to prove your right to own this or that work.

Step 5

Method three. You can prove your authorship on the basis of contracts concluded with the editorial staff. Provide originals and copies of these contracts that this or that edition has concluded with you for the creation of any type of work with its further publication. Please attach them to your claim, along with originals or copies of the disputed works.

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