How To Prove A Gray Salary

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How To Prove A Gray Salary
How To Prove A Gray Salary

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In some small firms and large organizations, wages are paid to employees "in envelopes." It is not profitable for an employer to pay a salary completely “white”, since tax rates are quite impressive. Therefore, the employee is officially registered either at the minimum rate, or at half the rate, and in some cases at 0.25 rates and receives an insignificant amount according to the statement. The remainder is paid in cash.

How to prove a gray salary
How to prove a gray salary


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Receiving a "gray" salary is fraught with the fact that one "fine" day the employer will simply refuse to pay the unofficial part of the income, referring to the lack of funds, and it will be impossible to challenge this. In addition, upon retirement, the amount of social benefits is calculated based on contributions to the pension fund, and since they were minimal, the pension, respectively, will be minimal. Wages in envelopes also affect unemployment benefits, maternity benefits and many other social benefits. Even vacation pay will not be able to get, unless the management takes pity and gives "in an envelope" the amount due by right.

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It is not so difficult to prove that wages are paid "in envelopes", since there are many signs by which this fact is noticeable. In particular, the discrepancy between the appearance of the company's employees and the level of the official salary. After all, if an employee receiving a minimum income dresses in expensive, good quality things, has jewelry and a mobile phone that has just gone on sale, then it immediately becomes clear that his salary is much higher than the official one. If there are only a few such employees in the company, then this fact can be attributed to the income of a spouse or family. However, if most of the staff is very presentable, then the salary is "gray".

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If, according to the documents, the minimum rates or 0.5 of the rate prevail in the company, then there is a clear fact of deception. It is especially suspicious when a person in a managerial position receives a meager income.

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The company's high revenues and low labor costs clearly imply envelope salary payments. In addition, the salary level may be much lower than the market average.

Step 5

The government is trying to deal with the lack of tax revenues to the budget and punishes negligent entrepreneurs not only with fines, but also with imprisonment for up to 6 years. In order for the tax authorities to pay attention to such an enterprise, any employee can call the hotline and report a violation of the law. In this case, the work of the company is checked and the fact of fraud is established.

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