Who Are Called "gray Cardinals"

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Who Are Called "gray Cardinals"
Who Are Called "gray Cardinals"

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Every company has a “gray cardinal”. This is a person who, at first glance, does not have the makings of a leader, is capable of exerting a huge influence on his superiors. He can be called a privy councilor.

Grey Cardinal
Grey Cardinal

How to recognize a "gray cardinal"

Such people do not really stand out in the crowd. They prefer discreet clothing and a very discreet perfume. At the same time, a sly grin can often be seen on their face, creating a sense of their superiority over others (and superiority is indeed observed). It is the “gray eminence” who runs the company, despite the apparent lack of leadership qualities.

These people have strong intuition that helps them solve difficult problems and get around obstacles very easily. They cannot explain their decision, but it almost always turns out to be correct. Therefore, some entrepreneurs or companies almost never face crisis situations. The “gray eminence” helps the leader get around them in time.

The "gray cardinal" is naturally endowed with an almost animal charm. He is able to notice any odors. He evaluates people intuitively, rarely paying attention to their appearance. If you work for a large company, you need to be on good terms with such a person, otherwise you risk being fired in the near future.

Reasons for the appearance of the "gray cardinal"

The “gray cardinal” is a necessary person in the company. He helps the leader to look at the situation from the outside. However, there are also bosses who are one hundred percent sure that they are right. They suffer from managerial schizophrenia. Rather, it is an exception to the rule. A very rare boss can afford this, so the “gray eminence” is vital for the company in the role of the alter ego of the boss.

This state of affairs cannot but suit the bosses, because the company's affairs under the shadow leadership of his protégé are going uphill. He just gets his salary and attends all the necessary meetings. Not life, but a fairy tale. But there is a downside. Gradually, all employees of the company cease to perceive the formal boss and go over to the side of the “gray eminence”. The latter can take the place of the boss. If the boss is smart enough, he will find a way to use all the capabilities of his protégé for the good of the company, while not losing his chair.

Very often, the boss's alter ego becomes his wife. There are many bosses who do not hold important meetings without consulting their spouse. It is she who regulates the work of the company in the right direction. The boss understands this and tries in every possible way to hide from subordinates that his decisions belong to his wife. Otherwise, he can easily lose credibility among employees, and then the chair.

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