How To Prove Libel

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How To Prove Libel
How To Prove Libel

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Slander is the spread of knowingly false information that threatens the honor, dignity, and reputation of another person. Libel is a criminally punishable offense, the penalty is a fine of up to 80 thousand rubles or in the amount of six wages of a convicted person, compulsory work up to 180 hours or correctional work up to 1 year. These measures can be increased depending on the severity of the crime. But how to prove libel and what documents will be required for this?

How to prove libel
How to prove libel

It is necessary

  • contacts of witnesses,
  • technical devices for recording libel,
  • libel newspaper or magazine clippings


Step 1

Find witnesses who can confirm the fact that you have been slandered. As a rule, a citizen who violates the rights of another person in relation to immunity or threatens his reputation, slander more than once. Prepare to meet the lawbreaker well in advance. Let his verbal "attacks" be heard by the neighbors on the staircase, your mutual acquaintances or colleagues, and just bystanders. Be sure to find these witnesses, ask their home address and, if possible, find out a contact telephone number. If they are summoned to court, they will be obliged to give truthful testimony, otherwise they face criminal prosecution.

Step 2

Carry your recording device with you. An ordinary audio player or mini-camera, for example, in a mobile phone, which is always at hand, will do. Record defamation of your audio or video device again. Record the offender's speech on disc or audio cassette and, if possible, conduct an expert examination for the authenticity of the recording. This will be considered the most powerful argument in court proceedings. The offender is unlikely to be able to refute his words and actions.

Step 3

Be sure to print or cut out from the media those publications that threaten your reputation. These printed materials can also serve as an evidentiary basis for defamation.

Step 4

Collect all the evidence in one envelope and send it by registered mail to the police or ask the court to punish the offender. Be sure to articulate and state in writing the consequences of defamation, if any. For example, if defamation harmed your career and after knowingly false denunciation you were fired from your job or demoted, this fact is usually reflected in the employment contract. Therefore, make all copies of the employment contract or work book with a note of dismissal.

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