How To Get Brazilian Citizenship

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How To Get Brazilian Citizenship
How To Get Brazilian Citizenship

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Brazil is a country with a pleasant climate and excellent traditions. It is actively developing, so many people rush there to get a job, and then stay to live in Brazil for good. To obtain Brazilian citizenship, you need to meet certain requirements.

How to get Brazilian citizenship
How to get Brazilian citizenship

Brazil passport

The most important requirement that applies to applicants for Brazilian citizenship is the fact that a person has lived in this country for 4 years with a residence permit. Otherwise, it will not be possible to obtain the coveted citizenship.

But before getting a residence permit, you also need to live in the country for some time. In different cases, this is from one to four years. So, the procedure for obtaining Brazilian citizenship in the longest case will take 8 years. It will not be possible to obtain citizenship faster than in 5 years, since for a residence permit you need to stay in the country for at least a year (in exceptional cases), usually it takes 4 years for a residence permit.

The student's path

One of the easiest ways to spend the 4 years required for a residence permit in the country is to enroll in one of the universities in Brazil. There is only one problem: you cannot work on a student visa. Possible solution to the problem: to work remotely, withdrawing money from the card, this way is quite legal. During your studies, you will be able to simultaneously learn the language, get a country diploma and find a job, as well as adapt to local realities.


Marrying a Brazilian citizen also paves the way for obtaining a passport. It happens in the following way. After marriage, a person lives the first year without a residence permit, then begins to formalize it. When 4 years have passed, which you need to live with a residence permit, you can apply for citizenship. In total, in this case, it will take five years to obtain a passport. The downside to this approach is that if you divorce, then the residence permit will be canceled, and you will need to look for other ways.

Work in Brazil

The legal way to obtain citizenship of the country is to get a job in Brazil, but this is not the easiest way, as local employers are very reluctant to hire foreigners. The reason is that in order to officially employ a citizen of another country, the employer must substantiate the decision as to why he did not take a Brazilian for the same vacancy, and also do many different papers. Nobody favors bureaucratic procedures in Brazil, so it can be more difficult for a foreigner to get a job here than in other countries.

If you go this way, you first get a work visa, which will require you to work in the country for 4 years. After 4 years, you can apply for a residence permit. When you have lived with a residence permit for another 4 years, you can obtain citizenship. Before obtaining a residence permit, it will not be easy to change employers, so choose carefully.

Investment and business

For those who have 150 thousand reais at their disposal, you can use the path of an investor, moreover, the purchase of real estate is not considered an investment. An investment proposal must be made and if approved, you will receive a three-year visa. If the company in which you invested money is working, then after 3 years you will receive a residence permit. After 4 years of residence permit, you can obtain citizenship.

You can also start your own company, but you will have to invest at least 600 thousand reais in it. It is possible to start with 150 thousand reais, but then you need to employ 10 people within 2 years.

Birth of a child

According to the laws, any child who was born in Brazil gets the citizenship of this country. The child's parents receive a residence permit in a year. This is not the easiest path for Russians, since you can stay in Brazil for no more than 90 days without a visa, and pregnancy takes much longer. In any case, even after the birth of a child, you need to live in Brazil for one more year in order to obtain a residence permit.

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