How To Prove Dependency

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How To Prove Dependency
How To Prove Dependency

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To resolve some issues related to inheritance, the provision of benefits or social benefits, it is necessary to prove the fact that the person was dependent on someone from his relatives. Unfortunately, to resolve this issue, you often have to go to court, which takes a lot of time.

How to prove dependency
How to prove dependency


Step 1

Dependents are considered disabled persons who are supported by other citizens, or who receive material assistance from them, which was their main or only permanent means of subsistence.

Disabled persons are recognized:

- children under the age of 16, and if they are studying - up to 18;

- disabled people of all groups;

- elderly people (women over 55 and men over 60), regardless of whether they have been granted an old-age or health pension.

In some cases, other groups of citizens who are unable to earn a living on their own can be recognized as dependents (for example, people who sit with a child, but do not have the opportunity to arrange maternity leave, or voluntarily and free of charge caring for patients who are unable to work and earn). It is important that material assistance is provided constantly, and not periodically, otherwise the fact of being dependent will not be proven.

Step 2

To prove the dependence, you can provide a certificate from the housing maintenance organization, local authorities or from the place of work of the one who is dependent on someone from the family, as well as a certificate from the social protection authorities.

Step 3

Since these documents cannot legally prove the fact of providing permanent financial assistance to the dependent, they can be supported by the testimony of witnesses, namely your neighbors, relatives, medical and social workers, the district police officer, etc. It is important that the testimony is provided in writing, and that you had at least three witnesses.

Step 4

These documents will help you prove in court that you are dependent on another person. But when considering issues related to inheritance or the provision of social benefits and benefits, you will have to provide both a court decision confirming the fact of permanent dependence, and the certificates listed above.

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