How To Change Your Old Passport

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How To Change Your Old Passport
How To Change Your Old Passport

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On July 1, 2011, the issuance of new passports for citizens of the Russian Federation began. Every citizen of Russia will have to change the old passport for a new one. How to do it right? Replacement of the old passport takes place in three cases: according to the plan - when a person reaches the age of 20 and 45 years, unscheduled - when the passport data is changed, when it is damaged or inaccurate in the records, emergency - due to theft or loss of the document.

How to change your old passport
How to change your old passport

It is necessary

  • -2 photos,
  • -set of documents,
  • - a receipt for payment of the state duty.


Step 1

"Regulations on the passport of the Russian Federation" clearly indicates the actions of a citizen if he needs to change the old passport.

If you are changing a new passport by age or in connection with a new passport sample, then you need to proceed in the following order:

Take photos for your new passport. They can be colored or black and white as you wish. To obtain a new passport, only 2 photographs are needed.

Step 2

If you change your passport by age, then you need to hurry up with the paperwork. Immediately after the appointed 30 days after your birthday, your old passport is no longer valid: you will not be able to get a job, buy a train ticket or take out a loan, i.e. your actions will be limited.

Step 3

Collect the necessary documents, which will be stamped in the new passport. Here's the list:

- military ID, - birth certificate of children who have not yet turned 14 years old, - registration documents at the place of residence, - certificate of marriage registration (or divorce).

Step 4

If you change your passport in connection with a change of name or gender, then you need to bring a certificate of change of name or a certificate of change of gender, respectively.

Step 5

Pay 200 rubles - the state duty for changing your passport.

Go to the passport officer at your place of residence or to the territorial office of the migration service (FMS): write an application for a passport replacement and hand over the collected documents and photographs.

Step 6

Wait 30 days - during this period you will be given a new passport.

All questions about replacing the old passport and your complaints that cannot be resolved at the place of residence can be clarified by calling (495) 698-00-78 - this is the public reception of the FMS.

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