How To Write To The Prosecutor

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How To Write To The Prosecutor
How To Write To The Prosecutor

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The prosecutor's office is a state body whose functions include monitoring compliance with the rules of law and current legislation. Therefore, you need to write a statement or complaint to the prosecutor when your rights are violated, and, as you think, the state authorities or a specific official are to blame for this.

How to write to the prosecutor
How to write to the prosecutor


Step 1

Check the directory or on the Internet, on the website of the local administration, the address of the prosecutor's office in your area and the surname, name and patronymic of the chief prosecutor. Use a computer to write the application, it is really necessary that the text you have written is readable. In the case of illegible handwriting, the prosecutor's office has the right to leave such an appeal unanswered, as well as an anonymous appeal, not signed with valid details.

Step 2

Check out GOST R 6.30-2003, which sets out the rules for processing business papers and letters. By filling out an application in accordance with GOST, you will demonstrate a respectful attitude towards the addressee, and it will be clear that you expect the same attitude towards yourself.

Step 3

In the upper right corner, write the title, last name and initials of the chief attorney, the name of your district or municipality. If it was not possible to find out the name of the chief prosecutor, write simply: "To the prosecutor's office", then indicate the address of this organization. After the word "From:" write your last name, first name and patronymic in full, indicate the address of residence and passport data.

Step 4

Under the address part write in the middle of the line the name of the document: "Complaint" or "Application". In its first part, briefly, consistently and logically state the essence of the appeal. Indicate specific names, positions, dates and places, refer to the norms of laws that have been violated.

Step 5

In the last paragraph, state your request or demand to take steps to restore the rule of law and your rights. Sign your application, give a transcript of the name, put down the date of writing the application. Send it by registered mail with notification by mail or take it to the prosecutor's office yourself. In this case, on the second copy (copy of the application), you must put a mark that it is accepted, indicate the date of acceptance.

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