How To Fill Out An Application For A Passport

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How To Fill Out An Application For A Passport
How To Fill Out An Application For A Passport

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The main document required for traveling abroad is a passport. Applications for the issuance of a passport are accepted at the offices of the Federal Migration Service at the place of registration. It must be submitted to the FMS in printed form, the columns must be filled out on a computer.

How to fill out an application for a passport
How to fill out an application for a passport

It is necessary

  • - text editor (Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader);
  • - application form;
  • - all the necessary documents for entering information into the relevant sections: passport, work book, military ID and previously issued passport (if any).


Step 1

First, you must fill in the general sections: name, age, place of registration and citizenship. Then you need to carefully rewrite the series, number and place of issue from your Russian passport. It is better to double-check the numbers, since the error will not be detected immediately, and you will have to reapply, which will take some more time. Next, fill out the purpose of obtaining a passport and select the desired answer in the item "Obtaining a passport" (primary, instead of used, spoiled, lost).

Step 2

Then there are 5 important points: did you have access to state secrets, do you have contractual obligations that prevent you from going abroad, are you drafted into the army and are you a convict or accused. Do not try to deceive the FMS employees and do not hope that it will "slip through". If you know that you cannot be released abroad, it is better not even to fill out an application: save time for yourself and civil servants, as well as your money needed to pay the state duty. In the age of the Internet and computer technologies, checking your data on the database is a matter of a couple of minutes, so the secret will become clear in any case. If everything is in order for you, feel free to put “no” in all five sections.

Step 3

Next, you need to fill out the section about your children presented in the form of a table (if there are any and they are less than 14 years old). Take this very carefully: children will be able to travel abroad only if their data is indicated in your passport.

Step 4

Next, you must fill out the plate - the section of the extract from the work book. Data are indicated for the last 10 years. In the event that you have never worked, and you do not have a labor force, you must indicate your educational institution (institute, college, vocational school, in extreme cases, school). If you have a work book, but your study time falls within a 10-year period, be sure to reflect this fact.

Step 5

The next column must be filled out by the head or head of the HR department at the place of work (or an authorized person in the educational institution, if you do not work or did not work anywhere). Even if you quit your last job, the employer is obliged to certify your application.

Step 6

Further, in bold large print, there is a warning that false information and forged documents are punishable by law. You must subscribe to this.

Step 7

Then you must date and sign. That's all. The rest of the sections are filled in by the FMS employee or you, after receiving the finished passport.

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