How To Draw Up A Contract With An Employer

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How To Draw Up A Contract With An Employer
How To Draw Up A Contract With An Employer

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An agreement with an employer or, simply put, an employment agreement is a guarantee that your rights will be respected. Especially if you are applying for a job with an individual, for example, a nanny or any kind of personal specialist, then it is very important to seal your agreements on paper. To do this, you will need knowledge regarding the preparation of this type of document.

How to draw up a contract with an employer
How to draw up a contract with an employer


Step 1

First of all, you need to know what provisions are disclosed in the employment contract. The content of the document is regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, and any contradiction to this legal act in an employment contract is unacceptable. The processes of concluding, executing and terminating an employment contract are determined by chapters 11-13 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (more details here The document must contain the passport data - the employer and yours, a description of the type and specifics of work, the prescribed mode of work and rest, duties and rights that you and the employer have. It also records the payment terms, social security procedures and various additional information (this could be, for example, a probationary period). The agreement is confirmed by the signatures of the parties

Step 2

Next, you need to decide what kind of this contract. It can be unlimited or have a specific term (no more than 5 years). In any case, after five years from the time of signing the contract, it must be reissued. A fixed-term contract can also become indefinite if by the end of its validity both parties have no claims to each other and are ready to cooperate on a permanent basis. A fixed-term contract infringes to some extent on your rights, since the employer at the end of the contract has the right not to renew it. That is why the Labor Code of the Russian Federation regulates the cases in which the employer can offer you a fixed-term contract. There are a lot of them, we will list only the most common ones:

- if you are replacing an employee who is on parental leave, maternity leave;

- if you are a full-time student;

- if you are hired for seasonal work, which can only be performed under certain weather conditions;

- if you are a person of retirement age and for health reasons can only do temporary work.

In other cases, you have the right to demand the conclusion of an open-ended employment contract with you.

Step 3

After clarifying all the information, you need to consult with a lawyer, he will be able to correct the already drawn up contract and suggest how to behave with the employer so that all your reasonable wishes are satisfied.

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