How To Send A Letter To Court

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How To Send A Letter To Court
How To Send A Letter To Court

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Citizens can go to court on various issues: to submit statements of claim, cassation complaints, complaints about the work of court employees, and so on. Whatever the content of your letter, it is important to keep a few points in mind.

How to send a letter to court
How to send a letter to court


Step 1

For a certain category of documents, for example, statements of claim, there are clear requirements for registration. They are enshrined in the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. Therefore, if you are going to file a claim, find a sample of this document on the official website of any court and draw up your appeal by analogy with it.

Step 2

In the event that you are going to send any other document to the court, adhere to the following recommendations. Indicate the addressee: a specific judge, chairman of the court, and so on. If you know the case number that your letter refers to, include the number as well. This will allow court employees to quickly transfer the document to the performer.

Step 3

Indicate your last name, first name and patronymic, as well as the address, not only on the envelope, but also in the document itself. Additionally, enter the phone number by which you can be contacted. If your registration address and residence address do not match, indicate the one where you can receive correspondence. Indicate the form of your letter - application, complaint, petition, and so on.

Step 4

Express your thoughts clearly and clearly. Use simple, short sentences. Let the style of the letter not be consistent, but people reading your appeal will be able to understand what exactly you want from them. Indicate specific facts in the text, if necessary, attach copies of documents confirming your words.

Step 5

Make letters to the court in duplicate: one copy will be received by the addressee, the other will remain with you. If you want to send the letter by mail, do not seal the envelope right away. Take the attachment inventory form from the post office, fill it out in duplicate and make sure that the postal worker has stamped both sheets. Put one copy of the inventory in an envelope, attach the second to the copy of the letter that you still have.

Step 6

Fill out the notification - this will save you from worrying about whether the addressee received the letter. In addition, having in hand the returned notice with a mark of delivery, you can more accurately calculate the time after which you should expect a response from the court. Also, the notification will allow you to prove the fact that the letter was received by the court, if suddenly the workers begin to deny it.

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