How To Get A Job At Lukoil

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How To Get A Job At Lukoil
How To Get A Job At Lukoil

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The oil giant Lukoil is the largest taxpayer in Russia and produces more than 20% of all oil in our country. All this speaks about the highest level of personnel training of this corporation. Therefore, it will be very difficult to get a job in this company. However, this is quite possible if several conditions are met.

How to get a job at Lukoil
How to get a job at Lukoil


Step 1

Go to a technical or economic college. To initially be able to work for the Lukoil corporation, you need to have a good understanding of the industry and the specifics of its work. Without specialized knowledge of oil production and processing or economics, access to it will be closed. Therefore, immediately apply for a specialty, such as "Oil and Gas", "Oil Production" or "Oil Refining". Basically, such universities are located in the north of the country: In Tyumen, Salym, Surgut and other cities. Learn only for "good" and "excellent" and at the same time independently study the specifics of the company's work.

Step 2

Write a resume and make a portfolio. After graduation, start collecting the necessary documentation. For an employer from Lukoil, absolutely all information about you will be important: academic, professional and scientific success. Please attach all documents and awards that you received during your studies at the university. Write a detailed resume that includes all your professional skills and abilities.

Step 3

Find out about the vacancies currently available at the company. According to statistics, every year 1000 graduates of universities from all leading technical and economic universities in Russia and neighboring countries come to work in the Lukoil corporation. Therefore, you must understand that you will have strong competition. Find out how you can apply for a job on the company's website. Send all your documents and CVs electronically. If you are unable to qualify for the competition, follow the next step.

Step 4

Work from six months to a year in another company. Find a mid-level organization with the same specifics. Take a job to gain practical professional experience and skills. They will be very useful to you when working at Lukoil. This corporation values ​​practical experience and skills. Also, knowledge of a foreign language will be a very strong help in your employment. If you do not know it, master it during this time at least on a conversational level. This will dramatically increase your chances when applying for a job and overseas internship.

Step 5

Make good connections. Of course, the fastest way to get a job at Lukoil and in any other organization is to get a job by acquaintance. During your internship, you will have a great chance to make useful professional contacts. Then your chances will be almost one hundred percent.

Step 6

Get an interview. Once you have a great resume, portfolio, professional experience, and someone who can put in a good word for you, go through the interview. If you have done everything correctly, then you can get the desired job.

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