How To Introduce A Leader

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How To Introduce A Leader
How To Introduce A Leader

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In business life, situations constantly arise when you need to introduce people to each other. In particular, such a question may arise before the head of the personnel department or a higher manager when it is required to present a new head of the department to the team. Business communication between the team and the leader, which will follow this presentation, should not be anonymous. This generates unhealthy hype and unnecessary rumors.

How to introduce a leader
How to introduce a leader


Step 1

The procedure for meeting the manager and the team is included in the sphere of business etiquette, therefore it is governed by the rules inherent to him. You will act as an intermediary, third party, official and well known to both parties. Begin to introduce the manager by indicating his status, last name, first name and patronymic.

Step 2

Outline his work history, starting with the higher education institution he graduated from. Tell us how he started his career, in which enterprises and in what positions he worked. Describe the tasks and projects on which he worked, if there are scientific or practical publications, tell us about them.

Step 3

The team is, in fact, a second family, so it does not hurt if, introducing the leader to the team with which he will work, tell us about his marital status, what his spouse is doing, whether there are children. Of course, all this should be stated very briefly and in general terms.

Step 4

The procedure for introducing a manager should also include his acquaintance with the team with which he will work. In doing so, you should consider the gender, age, prestige and authority of each of those whom you will represent. Start with those who play key roles in the unit and those who have long-established credibility and respect.

Step 5

If the team is large enough, then the performance can be limited to the specified persons. It is enough to name and present to the manager 5-6 people, because he will hardly remember all the members of the team anyway. Introduce to him without fail those who will be his deputies or assistants.

Step 6

Complete the leader's acquaintance with the team with the wish of joint fruitful work. Such a presentation will facilitate the process of getting used to and set the team up for business.

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