How To Issue A Dismissal Due To Death

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How To Issue A Dismissal Due To Death
How To Issue A Dismissal Due To Death

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When an enterprise needs to dismiss an employee in connection with his death, the norms of labor legislation should be used, which regulate the procedure for formalizing the termination of labor relations for circumstances that do not depend on the will of the parties. To do this, you need to draw up an order, on the basis of which an entry is made in the employee's work book. The accounting department must calculate the payments that, together in labor, are issued to the relatives of the deceased specialist.

How to issue a dismissal due to death
How to issue a dismissal due to death

It is necessary

  • - employee documents;
  • - employee death certificate;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - order form according to the T-6 form;
  • - personnel and accounting documents.


Step 1

In the event of the death of an employee, the head of the structural unit where he performed his labor function should write a memorandum to the general director. The document indicates the personal data of the deceased employee, the personnel number, the position he occupies. The content of the note prescribes the reason for its preparation - the death of a specialist, as well as the decision that must be taken in this regard - to issue a dismissal. A copy of the employee's death certificate should be attached to the document. The memo is numbered, dated by the head of the department (service), endorsed by the director of the company.

Step 2

The basis for drawing up a dismissal order (form T-6 is used) of a deceased employee is a death certificate (or a copy thereof) issued to the next of kin. Like any other administrative document, the order of dismissal must contain the name of the organization, the city of its location. Number, date the document. Enter the subject of the order, which in this case will correspond to the dismissal. Indicate the reason for drawing up the document, it will be the death of an employee. In the content part, write the personal data of the specialist, position, name of the department where he performed his job duties, personnel numbers. Carry out the certification of the order with the signature of the director, the seal of the company. In the line of acquaintance, indicate the impossibility of the specialist signing the administrative document.

Step 3

The payroll accountant must calculate the amount of payments due to the employee upon dismissal. These include payment for unused vacation, for actually worked time. The data are entered into a calculation note in the form of T-61.

Step 4

In the personal account, the date of dismissal is put, which corresponds to the date, month and year of the employee's death indicated in the corresponding certificate.

Step 5

The personal card of the deceased employee is closed, and a record of dismissal is made in his work book with reference to article 83 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. The record is certified by the signature of the responsible person, the seal of the organization.

Step 6

Cash and work book are issued to the next of kin of the employee. It should be borne in mind that spouses, parents, children are recognized as such.

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