How To Issue Absenteeism Without Dismissal

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How To Issue Absenteeism Without Dismissal
How To Issue Absenteeism Without Dismissal

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Absenteeism is a violation of the performance of the employee's labor duties, prescribed in the job description and in the employment contract. This misconduct may be subject to disciplinary sanctions such as dismissal, reprimand or reprimand.

How to issue absenteeism without dismissal
How to issue absenteeism without dismissal


Step 1

On the day of absenteeism, draw up an act of violation of labor discipline by the employee. Enter the following information into the violation report:

- place and date of compilation;

- position, surname and initials of the compiler of the act, his signature;

- positions, surnames and initials of at least two witnesses of truancy, their signatures;

- textual description of the violation;

- verbatim preliminary explanations of the offender;

- the signature of the offender (if he refuses to sign the act, then put a special mark about it).

Step 2

Take an explanatory note from the offender about the reasons for absenteeism. If the employee refuses to give an explanation in writing, draw up an appropriate waiver report, or reflect this fact in the violation report. To draw up the report, involve at least two witnesses.

Step 3

Write a memo addressed to the director of the company about the violation of labor discipline, attaching all the necessary documents to it: an act of violation with the signatures of the originator, witnesses and the offender, an explanatory note.

Step 4

Prepare a draft order or order on the application of penalties to the employee: remarks or reprimands. The draft order is signed by the head of the organization or persons authorized to do so by special documents - the charter, power of attorney, orders.

Step 5

Register the order in the organization's order book by assigning a number and date to it.

Step 6

Familiarize the offender with the content of the order for collection within three days. If the employee does not agree to sign the acquaintance, similarly to the act of refusal to give explanations, draw up an act of refusal to sign. In the act, indicate the positions and surnames of two witnesses for the refusal.

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