What To Do If Humiliated At Work

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What To Do If Humiliated At Work
What To Do If Humiliated At Work

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Different people can meet at the workplace, because the team cannot be chosen in the same way as the job. Sometimes young and even quite experienced employees have to endure humiliation from their superiors.

What to do if humiliated at work
What to do if humiliated at work

The reasons for humiliation at work can be different: dislike for a new employee, dissimilarity of characters, misunderstanding of the motives of a person's behavior, conflict of a boss or employee. In any case, humiliation at work is a fairly common occurrence, very unpleasant and painful for any employee who has been subjected to such treatment. When a person has to work in such a stressful situation, constantly being afraid to do something wrong, to receive another reprimand, he loses motivation, faith in himself and all desire to work disappears. And after the boss, some subordinates may begin to behave with the employee in exactly the same way. Of course, in such conditions it is very difficult to stay in the workplace for a long time.

What should be done in this situation?

An employee who has been humiliated first of all needs to admit it. Many do not want to notice humiliation, they think that such behavior of the leader is the norm, since the boss says something offensive, then the employee is worthy of it. However, in most cases this is not the case, no nagging of the leader can be expressed in the form of humiliation. There is no need to justify such actions, to lose self-control, to lower your own self-esteem, if you are firmly convinced that you are doing your job well. Identify the main instigators of humiliation and those who support them, usually it can be two or three people, less often a larger number of employees. It should also be noted who sympathizes with you, or at least acts neutral. These people can help you in the future. Now it's worth trying to resolve the conflict or misunderstanding that has arisen.

Conflict resolution by the head

First, it's worth talking to your boss honestly. Perhaps he does not even understand that he is humiliating employees. Tell us about your own fears and concerns, try to smooth out his attitude, find out what you have done wrong in front of him, what you are doing wrong, why does he treat you so harshly? Also, try to ask him for advice or help, it may flatter him and he will change his attitude towards you.

The second way is to assemble your team of sympathetic or neutral people who do not take part in your humiliation. Chat with him, try to get closer - have lunch together, discuss interesting topics, ask for help or offer it yourself. It is good if you are able to establish contact not only with the employees of your department, but also with the neighboring one, and you will also know their bosses. Maybe one of them wants to transfer you to his department, then the humiliation will stop. But even if this does not happen, you can enlist the support of other people, you can try to arrange a small coup. Talk to your superiors and try to explain the whole humiliation situation. Tell everything calmly and be objective, ask to settle the conflict. Usually, after talking to your superiors, your line manager can moderate his anger.

If this does not work out, set a goal for yourself, for example, to work for six months or a year, gain experience, and then quit. This, of course, motivates well, but it is worth doing this only as a last resort: when you need money, you like the job itself, or this is a very prestigious place, the analogue of which will not be so easy to find. If you do not have such reasons, feel free to leave this position. You should not hold on to it if you need to spend so much nerves.

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